What is Bio-coat?

Bio-coat is a special coating that covers the surfaces of pearl nuclei to enhance the healing process of the pearl oyster.  According to many years of observations, our pearl farmers have reported an improvement of over 20% in terms of yield and quality.

How It Works?

After nucleation, the medicine slowly melts inside the pearl sac.  The oyster takes in the medicine, boosts the repair system, and then let the healing starts.


Each package is vacuum sealed inside an aluminum bag to ensure minimum contamination.


It is important to keep the sealed pack of bio-coated nuclei inside the refrigerator and away from the sunlight.  Under normal circumstances, the best effective date is one year starting the manufacturing date.

As we do not use any preservatives, the bio-coat medicine would gradually change its colour from yellow to dark brown if left under room temperature and/or in the open air.  We advise complete consumption of one bag before opening a new bag.

Also, as the product is water-soluble, please keep all bio-coat nuclei in dry places.

How to Order?

If you wish to order, along with the regular pearl nucleus information, please also specify the pearl nuclei that you wish to have them bio-coated.  There is a minimum order quantity of 500 gram per size.

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