Production Overview

Pearl nucleus involves 5 stages:

  1. Select
  2. Slice
  3. Cube
  4. Round
  5. Polish


The raw materials are selected carefully to ensure there are no flaw and holes on and inside the shells to ensure highest yield rate.


The first slice separates out the thinnest and the thickest part of the shell.  The remaining slices are cut into rectangular strips.


From the strips become the cubes.  The final slices will prepare the raw materials into a form that is ready for grinding away the corners and sides.


The pearl nuclei come into form when they are put into a grinder.  The cube from the previous stage becomes the perfect sphere.


Each pearl nucleus needs to have the perfect spherical shape and flawless surface that gives off the reflection.  There is a special molecular treatment that each pearl nucleus has to grow through in order to become shiny.

Interesting Facts

  • Fukui Shell produced 11 tonnes of pearl nuclei to pearl farmers last year
  • Fukui Shell used about 220 tonnes of materials (11 containers)
    • Only 3% to 5% yield
  • Remaining rejected materials are lost in terms of powder during production or processed for other usages
    • These wastes are perfect raw materials for animal calcium additives for food and soil nutrients
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